1:1 Healing 



 Activate | Elevate | Celebrate









By deeply embodying my design as a Manifestor and honing my gifts within my Gene Keys (DNA lightcodes) these are some super powers of mine you will experience when in my world.


See + Break Patterns

I see beyond the veil of this physical world and into other magical dimensions and realms (per my Gene Key 19.4 in my radiance sphere). And therefore can see the energetic patterns, karmic themes, distortions, and blocks keeping you from your gifts and super powers within you that are waiting to be activated + embodied. Once this gift frequency is released within you from the depth of your shadows and re-integrates back into the whole of you, you will be able to deliberately create your reality beyond the shadow patterns of your subconscious.


Activate + Calibrate to your Truth

  My Open G Center allows me to receive and amplify your sense of who you are and your unique sense of direction in life out of me, allowing you to experience the reflection of your true essence. And my design as a Manifestor and my vocation sphere (GK 51.1) of initiation/awakening in my Gene Keys blueprint allows me to naturally activate/initiate you into your next level of conscious expansion.


Catalyze + Fertile Energy

Inner Vision is the strongest sense (my spidey sense) in my Human Design. It's purpose is to bring what can be imagined into form. To bring the 5D into the 3D. To make the impossible, possible. As a Manifestor my sole purpose is to bring the 5D into 3D creations for the collective. By seeing you in your highest potential in my inner vision you will be catalyzed into it and your truest soul expression will start to express out of you both in your way of be-ing and in your creations.

I have gone through my own Human Design and Gene Keys de-conditioning and activation journey and use the wisdom and knowledge gained from this journey in the work we do together.




B.S. from UC Davis in Bioinformatics in 2010

(a combo of Genetics + Computer Science)


**Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

studied/mentored under, and worked closely with Dr. Laura Stuve

(Since 2014)


Certified BodyIntuitive Practitioner

(Since 2018)


Arcturian Quantum Light Healing 

(Since 2019)


Manifestor Mastery Advanced Certification 

(Since 2023 - Now)


**As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, my work includes**

Past Life healing

Ancestral lineal healing

The 5 Elements

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acu-points and the Meridian System


The Chakra System

BodyEcology (microbiome ecosystem)

Hormones and Neurotransmitters




and more.  


It's like an intricate energetic surgery in the quantum realm on all 7 dimensions of existence (Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddic, Atmic), all 5 bodies (Physical, Energetic, Mental, SupraMental, Bliss), integrating all levels of consciousness. 

I am trained to come into the alpha state of mind, merely as an observer and facilitator guided by your body's innate wisdom on its own unique path to healing.



My own healing journey including healing from an incurable autoimmune disease called Lupus (making the impossible possible through the body), and my background in genetics have all played an invaluable part in my experiential wisdom in what I do.

 Deep, Playful, and straight to the point is my style ;)

Always with deep love + reverence


It's like going on an exploration into your miraculous inner galactic world to discover the inner workings of you.


As we go on an adventure we'll cut through the bullshit, realign you to your inner being, and who you came here to be which is deeply coded in the light codes of your DNA. 


I believe our Soul desires are like guiding posts along our path of our highest expression this lifetime.

And by walking this path your gifts and superpowers (your truest expression) that only you can bring into the collective pours out of you. Simply by coming back home to your natural state of being.


Together we will untangle, shift, and heal your conscious and subconscious wounds, fears, and distortions to bring all of you onboard to co-create your deepest Soul desires into your life.

For you, for all.

1:1 Healing + Activation


1x HD Activation Session 

$111 (~75min)

 **payment plans available

A personalized activation session downloaded and channeled for your unique initiation into your next level alignment. 

 A completely open, free flowing time where I will be your personal Human Design consult to talk about anything and everything Human Design.

As a 2/4 Manifestor who's honed her superpowers and empowered in her design, I will naturally initiate + share all the information that wants to flow through me for you.


This is NOT a Human Design Reading.

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1x Quantum Healing Session 

$555 (~75min)

 **payment plans available

A personalized healing session downloaded and channeled for your unique path of healing and ascension. Realigning your energetic, mental, and physical bodies back into alignment with your inner being, your Soul Truth.

We'll go on an adventure into your inner galactic world and discover the miraculous inner workings of your being.

It's like an intricate energetic surgery where we Heal the wounds, Shift the distortions, and Clear the illusions that separate you from your connection and alignment to your inner being.

So you can bring forth and live out your soul desires on this earth plane.

**Limited Space**

I only have space for 2-3 sessions a week 

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Quantum Healing Session Packages

$555/sesh (~75min)

6 Sesh Pack: $3330

**payment plans available

10 Sesh Pack: $5550

**Sessions must be used within a year**


A personalized deep dive transformative journey downloaded and channeled for your unique path of healing and ascension. 

Operating in pure alignment + aligned timing allowing the impact and ripple effects of each session to be received to its fullest. 

Your inner being and my inner being will be the ones leading the way here. Leaving our egos, our mental agendas and expectations outside of our time together. 

Simply working in this way will transform the way you move through your life.

Coming back in union with your truest self and allowing the infinite flow of peace, abundance, and miracles to flood into your experience into your life.

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Quantum Healing Sessions includes:


¬†‚Ėī Human Design chart¬†¬†

‚Ėī¬† Gene Keys Profile

¬†‚Ėī¬†Quantum Bodytalk Energy Healing

¬†‚Ėī¬†Channeled words, guidance, messages.¬†


When we work together you get all of me, all that I do.


Once you make your investment + fill out your exact Birth info along with what you'd like to focus on for your session, I will gather your Human Design Chart & Gene Keys Profile in preparation for your session.

I allow all the information from your charts and intention to brew in my higher consciousness and let it trickle down through all the bodies of consciousness (bliss, supramental, mental, energetic, physical). Kind of like downloading all the info that wants to be activated/used, from the higher consciousness realms in your session.

Essentially the moment you invest the prep for your session on the higher consciousness level will start and will start to get downloaded through me like a channel.


The session is like an intricate energetic surgery in the quantum realm on all 7 planes of existence, all 5 bodies (Physical, Energetic, Mental, SupraMental, Bliss), integrating all levels of consciousness, starting from the moment you decide to invest.


We'll explore and discover the core essence of the issue, pattern, imbalance to shift, clear, and harmonize your thought patterns, belief systems, emotions, energetics, body chemistry, and even activate deep dormant DNA light codes that are ready to be activated. Realigning it all to your deepest Soul desires - the guiding posts of your Soul Path.



This is for the women who is willing to meet herself at her deepest and most vulnerable and chooses to love all the expressions of her Self unconditionally.


1:1 Intimate Mentorship

Intimate Mentorship


(when paid in full)

 **Payment Plans available** 

:: 3 month :: 6 month options ::

¬† ¬† ‚Ėī¬†1x Human Design Reading

¬† ¬† ‚Ėī Up to 4x Quantum¬†BodyTalk¬†Sessions per month

¬† ¬† ‚Ėī Voxer Integration + Embodiment¬†Support¬†

¬† ¬† ‚Ėī Access to all¬†creations during our time together


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This Mentorship:


This is a sacred and powerful energetic container where we collapse time, effortlessly allow in miracles, quantum leap into new paradigms and timelines, all while having a ball witnessing your own transformation from the inside out. You will have access to everything I do including any creations I birth during the time we work together. 

Like with all of my 1:1 work I will be using your Human Design and Gene Keys Chart with the Quantum Healing + Activations + Channeling all held in the foundation of the BodyTalk/BodyIntuitive System led by your innate wisdom.


What's included:

‚Ėī¬†A¬†Human Design Reading¬†to kick us off on our journey together to infuse living in alignment to your design into our time together in real time.¬†

‚Ėī¬†Up to 4 Quantum Healing Sessions per month (on a needs basis)¬†to heal, shift, clear any/all subconscious conditioning, energetic kinks, distortions, hindering the natural flow of your fullest soul expression.¬†

‚Ėī¬†Voxer support¬†ensuring you are fully supported and held in a safe space¬†where you can explore your inner embodiment practice while being witnessed, accepted, encouraged, and loved on unconditionally. Cultivating a deep reverence for yourself and the journey you chose as you travel¬†through your portal of transformation.



As a defined root Manifestor I work within the quantum pulse, meaning I operate on pure alignment + aligned timing (for all) dictated by my defined root + emo authority. I also use muscle checking to double check on the timing of our sessions, often times it makes sense in retrospect why we had to wait for a session. I work with women who understand that action taken in alignment is 1000000x more powerful than action taken without the energy that creates worlds backing it.

This means our work together will be fluid, in flow, based on pure alignment which will happen naturally once you step into this container. The Quantum Healing Sessions will be phone through out the month (up to 4).


Each Session will be deeply healing on all levels of the body mind soul with profound activations that will create a ripple effect for weeks, days, months to come. In this potent container you will be supported through out your integration process (via Voxer) during the ripple effect from our sessions to ground in and deeply embody your next level of awareness + being-ness.


It's like having your own personal Manifestor on speed dial to snap you out of your personal illusions in real time & re-activate your undeniable inner knowing, Soul Truth. 

Recalibrating to the highest frequency of your Inner Being aka instant Power recall. Holding you in your highest probability state as you lead yourself back into your truth & power.



This is for the women who is devoted to her conscious expansion, and knows the power in having unconditional love + support while leading herself through the portal of transformation at the core of her being.

Investment Options:


<< 3 month container >>

PIF $16,665

(comes out to $5555/mo)

Payment Plan: $6110/mo x 3

(comes out to $18,330)


<< 6 month container >>

PIF $33,330

(comes out to $5555/mo)

Payment Plan: $6110/mo x 6

(comes out to $36,660)


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