⊹Learning to be human

I was born with a deep desire to seek the truth of how our world works. 

(as per my incarnation cross: right angel cross of the four ways)

And was equally fascinated by the inner workings of humans ever since I was little. At a deep level I knew that the answers to everything was hidden inside us. 

This led to my studies in biology, psychology, human anatomy and physiology. The further I explored the more I knew our DNA was at the core of our coding and the key to everything.  

That eventually led to a B.A. in Bioinformatics at UCDavis (a combination of genetics + computer science). 

As I explored my fascination for life, people, and how it all worked, I was eager to understand the inner workings of this Universe I was a part of. 

This eagerness that originated from genuine curiosity over time tainted by the filter of survival, turned into an obsession with “getting it right” in this game of how to live as a human. 

Out of fear of not being accepted, loved and therefore not capable of surviving.

⊹Manifestor journey

As a Manifestor growing up in a society made for generators, I didn’t quite fit into the fabric of society. Raised by parents who didn’t understand my power of disruption/creation, I misunderstood my power as dangerous and even harmful to others. 

I made myself as small as possible desperately trying to fit in and be accepted. 

It seemed no matter how much I tried to hide or be invisible, people seemed to be impacted (from my perspective, in a negatively disruptive way) purely by my existence. 

This led me to believe I must be bad, like there was darkness inside of me that was causing all this disruption and chaos around me (helloo gate36 the archetype of "the storm").

Believing I was the cause of the chaos around me, I tried to protect those around me by isolating myself and doing everything in my power to repress well, Me.

Living a life believing I didn't deserve to express my needs let alone my desires, making myself as small as possible, paralyzed in fear, I became a magnet to bullies, hostile and emotionally traumatic experiences.

My closed Manifestor Aura completely masked my hell-ish inner experience from everyone, isolating me even further into the depth of despair.  

Completely disconnected from my inner essence and my power, I dropped into a deep depression behind the facade of a seemingly privileged life.

After yet another failed attempt of trying to leave this world,

I fell to my knees, and prayed to a god I didn't believe in.

 "Please, take me out of this life. I can't live like this anymore, just take me out and put me in a different life."

I surrendered it all.


Slowly over the next 6 months my deep internalized fears, shame, guilt, anger and rejection of my true essence, turned my own defense system against myself. 

My body reflecting the deep rejection of my true self, eventually manifested through my body as an "incurable" autoimmune disease called, Lupus.


This was when it hit me. 

I prayed for a new life, and I actually GOT a new life. 


Then clarity struck like lightening.

I had ASKED for this.

Somehow I knew, that I had created this. 

And if I created itthen that must mean I can un-create it.

This was the moment I understood my true power for the first time in my life.

This was the moment I knew with every fiber of my being that, 

I have the power to create my own reality.

And I understood that I was given a chance to re-create my life.

A life aligned to who I truly was. 

A life my soul truly desired.


⊹Healing journey⊹

Lupus stripped me bare to my very core.

It was the gift that gave me the opportunity to rebuild a whole new life, from scratch.

And that is exactly what I did.

I re-learned what it meant to live again, what it means to be alive in this human vessel, and rebuilt a life aligned to who I truly was, a life worth living. 

I learned for the first time what it was like to have a loving relationship with my body, my emotions, my mind, and my inner being, which was reflected back through the deeply fulfilling relationships in my life.

It took 7 years to make the impossible possible through my body to fully cure myself from Lupus, and during this journey I got certified in the the BodyTalk System (Quantum Energy Medicine) that took me across the finish line.

Created a healing + transformation business living nomadically living my passion to help facilitate healing and activate others into their highest soul expression.

And now 4 years into my de-conditioning journey as a Manifestor in the great Human Design experiment, I have come to a place where I not only embrace my intense, powerful, sometimes shockingly impactful energy but have come to enjoy the pure magic of it.


⊹My Why, My role, My passion⊹

It breaks my heart to see so many humans living unaware of their true power, just surviving this physical world not knowing they are actually here to shape and create the physical world they see in front of them.

That who they naturally are is beyond enough and worthy of everything they could ever dream of.

That their one of a kind light codes they came in with is their unique blueprint they came here to fulfill and experience this lifetime.

That they have a special place just for them in this fabric of life, that they belong to a humanity that needs their genius, their gifts, their superpwoers that only they can awaken and release into the collective.  

This is why I do what I do.

It is all over my charts, I am made for this.

As a soul catalyst by design, nothing brings me more joy than witnessing fellow humans blossom into their fullest expression of their Soul. 

My Soul rejoices as you release your exquisite light into this world. 

I am here to reawaken every Soul I touch.

To reawaken humanity (my vocation: GK51.1) to the power of who we truly are, the I AM within. 

And to witness, enjoy, be in awe of the magic of the Soul fully expressing its beauty through our once in a lifetime human vessel.


"I feel like I can do anything with you supporting me, your healing work is out of this world. I've never felt so light, strong, and full of energy. And that's only from one session! "

- TA



"Wow, I can't even express in words how powerful the voxer session was, I went so deep into the quantum realm, I've already listened to it 3 times... I just had to let you know how powerful it's been."

- SB

"I'm still integrating from our last session, but when I'm about to fall into my old thought patterns I literally hear the new coding that's been activated and immediately dissolves my old thoughts"

- AL