HD Chat + Activation

A personalized activation session downloaded and channeled for your unique initiation into your next level alignment. 

 A completely open, free flowing time where I will be your personal Human Design consult to talk about anything and everything Human Design.

As a 2/4 Manifestor who's honed her superpowers and empowered in her design, I will naturally initiate + share all the information that wants to flow through me for you.


What you'll get:

❊ Human Design Chart 

   ❊ Clarity on anything Human Design

❊ Channeled activations, messages and guidance

 Disclaimer: This is not a chart reading. You will be given your chart for further exploration to be done on your own if you so choose.

For more info on my healing training and how I work click here.



How it Works

Once you make your purchase + fill out your exact Birth info along with what you'd like to focus on for your session, I will gather your Human Design Chart in preparation for your session.

I allow all the information from your chart and intention to brew in my higher consciousness and let it trickle down through all the bodies of consciousness (bliss, supramental, mental, energetic, physical). Kind of like downloading all the info that wants to be activated/usedfrom the higher consciousness realms in your session.

Essentially the moment you invest the prep for your session on the higher consciousness level will start and will start to get downloaded through me like a channel.

Once all the info is downloaded and is ripe and ready to go I will let you know and we will set up a time for our session.

As an HD Manifestor working in flow and on aligned timing, is how I allow for the highest impact, shifts, and quantum leaps for all involved

NEW to me: For those who are not used to working in this free-flowing way of aligned timing and need some sort of reference, usually once the investment is made I send over your charts within 48hours. From here within the next week or so I will reach out to schedule our session. Regardless you will be informed and kept in the know every step of the way.

Not New to me: For those who have worked with me before this process is usually faster due to already being familiar with your chart, your blueprint, and your energy field. It's like when 2 people are familiar with each other they can get straight to the point faster without the extra buffering time





$111.00 USD

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